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We want to start sending you residual commissions

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What is Preiscoin?

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson said that there will be better currencies than Bitcoin, perhaps even better ones!

There comes the Preiscoin, a new kind of digital currency. Better than Bitcoin because this time you can get paid when you tell others about it!


Why is it better than others?

First of all, not everyone can get it.

Secondly, you if start reffering others to this page we will pay you a generous commissions in USD!


Have we got your attention?

Splendid! Keep on reading.

“Ok. I’m curious.
How do I get these coins?”

You have to purchase a subscription that grants you a fixed amount of Preiscoins every month.

For 25 CHF our system will generate Preiscoins for you 24/7. It will take 30 days for this fine procedure to complete and your 25 PRS will be sent to your wallet automatically.

No more mining nightmare! We do all the difficult work for you so please just sit and relax.

Wait… There is more!

If you want to get more Preiscoins then get a package of 4 accounts instead of just one. Or more!


Is it trustworthy?

As a Swiss Bank.

The Swiss Preiscoin Emission System is based in Switzerland!

Can you think of anything more reliable when it comes to money?

We can’t.

PRS has an amazing Affiliate Program and here is why

PRS gives you the opportunity to earn monthly commissions plus big bonuses on any paid client you refer to our program.

First of all we offer 4% Residual Commissions from every sale down 7 levels in our 3×7 forced matrix.

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Secondly we offer amazing monthly bonuses to help you achieve the big payments quickly! For every 10 paid clients you bring into PRS within a calendar month you will receive an additional bonus of 100 CHF! Bring in 20 in a month and receive 200 CHF, 30 and you receive 300 CHF, etc. What’s best you can receive this bonus two times: on the first and on the sixth month of your new referrals so make sure they will stay active for at least 6 months and get paid twice!!!

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Thridly we offer a special Bonus Pool that will be shared among top 10 affliates of the month. 10% PRS net revenue will be paid out to them to make our best referrers are happy and encouraged even more!

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Register now to be on the top a new wave and earn commissions when more and more people turn to Preiscoins as a real alternative to traditional currencies.

Be a winner with us and claim your prize NOW!

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